About me

Thank you for visiting this Thai Healthy Food Recipes website. Actually, this website belonged to Thai Garden Restaurant in Metuchen, NJ; however; I had been purchasing and running this website for three years. Since I worked at the restaurant, I learned to build a website and improve my English language. Therefore, the restaurant was closed before the domain name due date. In addition, I remain many memories that I would like to share with everyone.

My name is Piyaporn Puangprasert, it is easier to call me Nan.

I had been working at Thai restaurant for seven years. There are many secrets or the different ways between to cook Thai food at the restaurant and by yourself. I would like to share with everyone about how to cook Thai food with a healthy style. Also, how to find the ingredients in the New Jersey, USA market.

If you have any comment or question, feel free to contact me. I will get back soon as soon possible.